Salat Prayer

What is Salat(Namaz)preyer?

Allah holds the Salat in great esteem. No other prayer and devotion is dearer to Allah than Salat Five daily prayers have been prescribed for us Allah. The offering of prayers is a virtue and its omission is a major sin. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) has said that anyone who performed ablution properly and offered prayers with deep sincerity. All of his minor sins shall be pardoned by Almighty Allah on the Day of Judgement. He further said that prayers are the pillar of Faith and one who performed prayer properly, kept faith and one demolished this pillar (did not offer prayer) destroyed the faith. Prophet (PBUH) also said that the first question that would be asked on the day of Judgement would be about prayer. Those who have offered prayers properly and punctually, their faces, legs and hands will shine like the sun and those who have intentionally omitted prayers shall be deprived of this blessing.

Conditions of Prayers

    Some acts are essential before beginning of prayer:

  1. Ablution should be performed if not already done. If one is in need of a bath, then one should bath.
  2. The place of offering the prayer should be clean.
  3. Women should cover their whole body from head to feet with the exception of face, palms and feet. Men should not be naked from below the navel down to and including knees.
  4. Face should be towards Ka’ba and one should concentrate on the prayer that is being offered.
  5. Intent for the prayer.
  6. To offer the prayer at its appointment time.
  7. All of the above are requisites for prayer and if anyone of these is omitted, the prayer will not be in order.