Tackling Anti Muslim Hate Together


Tell MAM, the only national and independent monitor of anti Muslim hate crime, in Collaboration with the Romford Mosque would like to invite you to a public discussion on Islamic phobia and anti Muslim hate crime. Find out how our work supports victims and what communities can do to challenge this hatred. Come along and … Read more

Salat Prayer

What is Salat(Namaz)preyer? Allah holds the Salat in great esteem. No other prayer and devotion is dearer to Allah than Salat Five daily prayers have been prescribed for us Allah. The offering of prayers is a virtue and its omission is a major sin. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) has said that anyone who performed ablution … Read more

Times of Salat(Namaz) Prayers

Times of Salat(Namaz) Prayers Every Muslim, male or female, must offer at least five daily prayers in time, If there is no lawful reason for exemption, combination, or temporary delay, The are: The early morning prayer (Salatu-l-Fajr), which may be offered any time after dawn and before sunrise a total period of about two hours. … Read more

Instruction of Abulation (WUDU)

Instruction of Abulation (WUDU) While making ablution one should sit on some raised place should sit on some raised place facing Ka’ ba (Mecca) and begin Recite: BISMILLAH-IR-RAHMAN-IR-RAHMAN. Wash both hands up to wrists three times. Clean and rinse the mouth three times and rub the teeth with a Miswak or a brush is not … Read more

What is Salat (Namaz) Prayer ?

Performing a Salat(Namaz) Prayer Both supererogatory and obligatory units are offered in the same manner except that, when declaring the intention one has to distinguish between the two kinds. This is the description of performance: Act1: One stands in reverence and humility, facing the Qibblah, raising his hands up to ears, and says: “ Nawaytu … Read more