SACRE meeting at Romford Mosque

This is the first time the standing advisory Council of Religious Education (SARCE) meeting was held at the Romford Mosque, Lessington Avenue, Romford. People of all faiths, teachers and councillors are members of SACRE.

SACRE Meeting at Romford Mosque

The Muslim community representative Mr. Kamal Siddique warmly welcomed people of all faiths according to the Islamic custom law. The holy Quran was recited by Dr. Abbus, then Mr. Siddiqui explained about Islam and abut the Mosque’s role within the community. ASR congregational prayer was performed by the Muslims in the presence of the guests.

These meetings create a better understanding of Islam and good relationships, harmony, trust and respect between all faiths.

The Romford Mosque is the first Mosque in Havering serving the community, from lessington Avenue, since 1996 (i.e. 13 years) and will continue to promote harmony, peace and equality according to the Shariah in Islam. We are here to help everybody without considering colour, creed or religion.